Thursday, November 3, 2016

183 Acre Hunting Lease Knox County IN


This property will provide sportsman with opportunities of all three  species. There will also be small game and predator opportunities on this property as well. Plenty of deer sign in and around all of the  timbered areas. Lots of tracks out in the crop fields. Saw several good potential stand trees next to crop fields. There is a good deer density in this county.

There was turkey sign along the field edges in the southeast corner. 

The green area in the center section that sits between the timber, has a large depression in the field. This area sometimes holds water. It is very good for ducks and geese. The geese hit this field year round. I visited this property last Fall and this field was covered up with geese.

Food and lodging is close by.

** We are an aggregator of lease listings and are not the lessors of the properties 

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