Wednesday, June 8, 2016

*Leased* Des Moines County IA 72 Acre Hunting Land Lease

Have access to not ONE, but two different ISLANDS in the Mississippi River all on the Iowa side of Des Moines County! You’ll have the north end of Turtle Island and Trienes Bar, just above Burlington…with river access directly across from Trienes.

Access is from a public landing on the west bank of the river, so one must have registered watercraft at hand.

As with any river property much less islands, the power of nature enters the picture with ground like this in regard to water levels. Needless to say, one can add fishing and waterfowl hunting as well. Must follow regulations of both state and federal.

CAMPING ALLOWED to set up your own base for hunting/fishing.

** We are an aggregator of lease listings and are not the lessors of the properties

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