Wednesday, June 8, 2016

*Leased* Keokuk County IA 280 Acre Hunting Land Lease

Get out of the way of the deer moving up and down this Keokuk County wooded draw system. Expansive, hilly, complex, ideal for both bow and shotgun. This property is a sleeper…with many good strategies available for a hunting plan. One good one would be to set up near the large clumped timber in the southeastern part of this farm while 2 or 3 of your friends stake claims throughout the main waterway/artery layout. Food plot would be absolutely perfect. At one time on this 280 acre farm, seven different food plots were planted, but the deer ate through them all and none have been planted since, but the areas are just waiting for some new plantings.

There is much rolling CRP ground with good growth of birdsfoot trefoil and other grasses. Within the CRP there has been a 16 acre planting of wild flowers as well.

Numerous wooded draws with flowing streams AND two nice ponds with nice bass and catfish really rounds out this game rich property.

There are 40 acres of timber, 40 acres of pasture with grazing dates from 4-30 to 10-1 MOL and the rest in CRP. Ponds are roughly an acre or so in size.

Electric could be hooked up and negotiated with the landowner later.

** We are an aggregator of lease listings and are not the lessors of the properties

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